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Robert Watkins

CEO, Conquer Worldwide

Dr. Robert J. Watkins has dedicated his life to helping people maximize their financial and business potential. He is the CEO of Conquer Worldwide, a financial company providing financial resources to people with innovative ideas. His ministry, Kings & Priests Unlimited has empowered over 100,000 business and ministry leaders through his annual Conquer Business Conferences, monthly network meetings and millions more through his television and media outlets.


After high school, Dr. Watkins enlisted in the U.S. Army then went on to graduate from West Georgia University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has authored several bestselling books, including How To Hear From God, and his newest book, Never Chase A Paycheck Again. His mentor program, EXTREME RESULTS, has become the number one scripturally-based financial and business system in the world. Through his consulting firm, Conquer Consulting, hundreds of God’s people have received millions of dollars of in start-up capital, empowerment and expert support. His books, DVDs and other teaching materials are now distributed throughout the world, including Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore and Israel.


He has spoken at Harvard Business School, Emory University and Georgia State University to name a few.


Having never met his birth mother or father, Robert was given over to a Detroit, Michigan orphanage at birth. However, he never allowed his upbringing to stop him from helping other people fulfill God’s plan for their lives. Dr. Watkins is here to empower us with resources and revelation so that we can be results.

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