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The Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals (AAIP) was created to provide an organization where insurance professionals could network and aid in the professional growth of its members. In the spring of 1988, Otis Sanders, George Miller, Carl Handy and Ruth Elmore established the organization.


Denise Perkins was elected as the first president, and the organization began its formative years organizing and aggressively seeking members. In the years that followed, AAIP evolved and established itself in the insurance industry and Atlanta community. Presently, the Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals provides continuing education seminars, internal and external workshops on legal, insurance, and financial issues, information regarding employment opportunities in the industry, and assistance in obtaining insurance designations.


Today, the membership includes agents, underwriters, brokers, claim adjusters, risk managers, financial planners, auditors, loss control engineers, attorneys, accountants, elected public officials and professional trainers. Many of the members hold professional designations including AAI, AIC, ALCM, ARM, CCLA, CFP, ChFC, CIC, CLU, CPCU, JD, LUTCF and SCLA.


The Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals began awarding scholarships in 1990. At that time, the scholarships were given to Atlanta area college students. Presently, AAIP awards scholarships to high school and college students in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The scholarships reward deserving young people for academic excellence and community service. The Annual T.M. Alexander Golf Tournament is a primary source of funding for the scholarship program. 


An additional function that AAIP serves is with Georgia InVest, which allows a partnership for introducing the insurance industry through various levels of the educational system.  This partnership has members providing mentorship and education in local high schools and colleges/universities.


Since the spring of 1988, the Atlanta Association of Insurance Professionals has flourished. We have held annual days at the State Capitol, golf tournaments, family outings, retreats, membership campaigns, seminars and workshops, and we provide a guest speaker at monthly meetings. AAIP entered into partnership with the National African American Insurance Association (NAAIA), which allowed a national venue for the organization.  


AAIP functions as a local chapter of NAAIA with membership having reciprocity in both organizations.


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